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Welcome to the Crew Roster

Starfleet Command Personnel

Admiral Samuel Lasiter
Commander in Chief Human Chris Salmi
Vice Admiral Carrhae t'Llhweiir
Director of Starfleet Intelligence/Assistant Commander in Chief Romulan/Vulcan Randye Jones
Admiral Lorin Renaud

fCommander of
Base Operations, Director of Research & Development,
CO of Spacedock

Human Pete Boulay
General Harmin
Commander of Starfleet Marines Human NPC
(Chris Salmi)
Vice Admiral Kitanya
Commander of Special Operations Caitian Julie Yakes
Vice Admiral Feylan
Commander of
Fleet Operations
Bolian NPC
(Chris Salmi)
Rear Admiral Candace Ciere Bedru
Commander of Galactic Exploration, Starfleet Liaison to the Diplomatic Council Human Randye Jones
Rear Admrial Matthew Brennan Surgeon General Human RJ
Rear Admiral Farzin
Starfleet Quartermaster Human NPC
(Chris Salmi)
Rear Admiral Marcus Garibaldi
Special Projects Human Chris Salmi
Rear Admiral Lysarra Izata Academy Commandant Betazoid Deb Capuano
Rear Admiral Jared Mason Jackson
Inspector General Human AJ Coutu
Rear Admiral Reyla

IDirector of
Starfleet Personnel and Administration

Andorian NPC
Rear Admiral Zorin Commander of Starfleet Reserve Forces Human NPC
(Chris Salmi)
Captain David Boulay
Judge Advocate General Human Pete Boulay

Staff Assistants

Commander Samuel Roeder Deputy Director of Special Projects Human

(Chris Salmi)

Lt Commander Karen Anderson Starfleet's Federation Council Liason    
Lt Commander Joseph Garibaldi Chief of the Anti-Corruption Task Force, Inspector General's Office Human NPC
(Chris Salmi)
Commander Sam Roeder Assistant to Admiral Garibaldi Human NPC

Lieutenant Augustus Starr/
Cas'Pu Nabru

Guard to Admiral t'Llwheiir Romulan NPC
Assistant to Admiral Bedru Vulcan NPC
Assistant to Admiral t"Llweiir Ferengi NPC
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